Template importance in woodworking can’t be stressed enough.

For you who may not be familiar with templates. You will find by using templates in your woodworking, will improve production and eliminate mistakes.

The word template  means having a copy of something for the purpose of duplication.

Templates are some times referred to as patterns.

Whether you are doing woodworking for the fun of it or working full time as a career, the importance of templates can become very useful to you.

Having been in the cabinet business for 25 years, I learned early in business that the importance of templates could save me a lot of time and money.

As a result increased my production in the cabinet business.

In most woodworking projects from time to time, you will discover that duplication is a part of your hobby or business.

Template Importance Of Making Templates

The process of making templates is actually quite easy to do.

While building your project and you realize that you will make several of these pieces down the road, simply make two at that time.

On the temple you should put all of the details pertaining to that particular pattern.

This will take all the guess work out of duplicating it again and again.

Examples Of Templates

In the cabinet business some of the templates I would make were:

Cabinet end gables for standard and custom size cabinets.

These templates were built exactly to size with all measurements, door and draw sizes and any other particular information pertaining to the template. This made duplication a snap.

In building toy replicas, there are many pieces that you can make templates of for duplication down the road.

By making templates, this will eliminate error which eliminates costly mistakes.

Templates give you piece of mind so you can enjoy your woodworking projects more.