If you have decided to take up woodworking as a hobby and intend to embark on some small projects then you may have come across the common problem of how to make things precise. Often when you are making something as simple as a cabinet, no matter the size, it is very difficult to keep things accurate so that you end up with a perfect square or rectangle.

Woodworking jigs help you to keep things in place and repeat the same measurements and dimensions in all your woodworking projects. You can make your own woodworking jigs for these purposes. Jigs allow you to do all sorts of things; with a jig you can start more difficult projects that require very thin wood as you can plane the wood yourself with the right jig. You can even use jigs to invert a belt sander and use it for things that you never dreamed of.

Making a Box Squaring Jig

Among the woodworking jigs that you can make at home is the box-squaring jig. This is a simple device that will help you to make cabinets and anything that has a square shape. Use plywood that is about three quarters of an inch thick and cut an eight or 10-inch square from this. Down the middle of the square cut a groove that is about three quarters of an inch wide and about half an inch deep. You can use a router or dado blade for this.

Cut another groove that is perpendicular to the first one so that you have a cross across your square of plywood. At the intersection of the two lines drill or cut a hole with a hole saw that is about one and a half inches to two inches in circumference. To finish off the most practical of all the woodworking jigs, put on a coat of varnish. This will help to keep glue off and the hole also helps to remove any excess glue that might result.

This is just the beginning of the woodworking jigs that you can make. The box-squaring jig is a simple one to make and a good one to have when you are just starting out with woodworking projects. Other woodworking jigs become quite complicated and are labor intensive to make. The construction of these jigs themselves can be difficult. You might want to consider buying the more complicated woodworking jigs rather than making your own.