Putting the finish is the last thing that you will be doing after constructing a wooden item or furniture. Finishes protect the wood from water, dust, ultraviolet rays from the sun and other elements as well as enhance their natural beauty.

There are many kinds of finishes. However, when durability is taken into consideration, varnish takes first preference. Varnish comes as glossy, satin and flat. Varnish is a surface coat. This means that damage to the finish does not always penetrate to the wood surface underneath.

Assuming that the wood surface is sanded and prepared, here are some steps on how to varnish so that the work will be easier.

The first step on how to varnish is to find a dust free environment. Dust and dirt can easily stick to wet varnish. Next, place a lot of newspaper around the item that you are going to varnish. The newspaper will absorb any varnish spill.

The next step on how to varnish is to check whether the varnish needs to be mixed with a stain or filler. However, be sure that you are using compatible materials. This means that you should not mix different kinds of sealers.

Once the varnish is prepared, it is now ready to be applied. Get a fresh paint brush and apply the varnish as you would do with paint. Use only new varnish. Old varnish may contain lumps which can result to a rough finish.

For this step on how to varnish, it is important to apply the varnish in long, smooth strokes. This creates an even surface without any brush marks. When you apply the varnish, it should flow onto the surface of the wood. However, should the brush starts to pull you need to add a little thinner to the varnish. Stir the thinner into the varnish, being careful not to create surface bubbles.

It would be easier for you to varnish the wood of horizontal surfaces rather than vertical surfaces. That means you can turn the furniture on its side when you apply varnish to the legs. Moving or removable parts should be taken out prior to varnishing. Work on one area then move on to the next when you are done with one area.

Let the first coat of varnish dry for 24 hours. When thoroughly dry, apply a second coat, using a new brush for the coat. You can apply as much as five coats. Just be sure that you are using a new brush for each coat. Also, the previous coats are thoroughly dry before applying. Otherwise, the finish will crack. When the final coat is dry, wipe the entire item with dry cloth to get rid of dust.

Following these steps on how to varnish will ensure you that you will have a beautifully finished piece of wooden furniture.