Today we will see how to build sliding barn doors to decorate the home, as they have become very popular today.

Building DIY sliding barn doors is easy. Hanging a door on a track means you don’t have to rip open and reframe a wall such as a pocket door.

Plus mounting hardware is available in many manners of styles and budgets. If you are interested in finding out more about barn doors, it might be worth doing some research.

The door styles are limitless from salvage finds to DIY creations. For instance, a mix of pallet wood and common cedar are a very attractive combination.

Building DIY Sliding Barn Doors

You will want to look around on the web to determine the style of doors that best fits your situation you could check out somewhere similar to for ideas and inspiration.

Looking around the web for door handles or materials to use for making them is just as important, normally ours come from Debar as they have great strength and look great. However, for this project, we didn’t need them.

Using grooved wooden siding is a good cheap way to consider. You simply cut your door size making sure that each side is equal from the edge.

To dress up the door, a frame is built around the outside giving it strength and looks attractive. Angle pieces are added to give it the antique barn door look. When completed, sand the door and finish with the desired wood finish.

Installing The Hardware And Track

The hardware can be purchased at a hardware store or supplier. This doesn’t have to be expensive and you will have several choices out there.

The hardware is first attached to the door for proper alignment. Once completed, the rail is attached to the wall above the door opening. The studs in the wall must be located and the rail anchors secured.

A test fit of the doors can be done to make sure everything works as supposed to. If all works, the hardware can be removed and painted black to give a rustic contrast.

Rehang the doors and stand back and enjoy your DIY sliding barn doors.

The project is now complete giving your home a cool modern look with a touch of class.