If you are of a certain age, you probably have fond memories of playing in the back yard. Whether you had an elaborate play set in the back yard or just an old tire swing hung from a tree, you spent hours outdoors every summer making the most of the daylight hours and playing long after the sun had set.

You can recreate the wonderful days of your youth by building your own swing set in the back yard. Even if you think building a swing set is beyond your abilities, you can create a wonderful playground for your kids to enjoy. From a pint-size toddler swing set designed for the younger set to a fully enclosed trampoline your teens will love, there are plenty of ways to bring great fun to your home. You can add a swing set to your back yard and give your kids thousands of hours of fun — without breaking the bank or even breaking a sweat.

You do not have to be a woodworking expert or master builder to create a back-yard swing set your kids will love for years to come. You can have the whole thing built for you and designed to your specifications. Whether you are looking for a tiny toddler swing set so your kids can play safely, or a full play set the older kids will love, you can see your plans to come life right before your eyes.

Once the play set is in place and the kids are ready to enjoy themselves, you might find that your back yard becomes the focal point of the neighborhood. That can be a good thing, since it will keep the kids under your watchful eye and allow them to play safely. Modern swing sets and play sets are designed with safety in mind, with soft materials and splinter-free construction. Even if an accident does happen, you will be there to put things right and get help if needed.

Playing outside on your designer swing set can even help your kids stay in shape and avoid the dangers of obesity. It is important for kids to get away from their iPhones, iPads, and other devices, and play outdoors. A swing set in the back yard invites them to do just that.