Beautiful box build with a bandsaw

Learn to create your own bandsaw boxes, but please be aware:

Bandsaw Box making can be addictive.

However they are easy to create and make great gifts for storing little trinkets. Have Fun!

Design Your Bandsaw Box

Step #1: Sketch out a design which is only limited by your imagination. You may find creative ideas on the web.

Step #2: Prepare your blank. Glue up a block to fit you design. The total block measured 3 x 6 x 11 for this project.

Step #3: Rough cut your template and glue it to your blank. At this point you are only cutting the outside of your design.

bandsaw box

Step #4: Sand your creation. It’s easier to sand the outside at this stage.

Step #5: Slice off the back.

Step #6: Cut out your drawers. Decide on an entrance point and cut out each drawer (in one motion if possible).

Step #7: Cutting out the drawer openings. Fallow your template.

Step #8: Closing the gaps where you entered the drawer opening with the bandsaw.

Step #9: Sand main body where all the drawer opening are.

bandsaw box

Step #10: Sand the drawer bodies.

Step #11: Prep your drawers by slicing the front and back off (1/4″) mark the pieces to get them back in the proper location.

Step #12: Design your drawer body the shape that becomes the inside of the drawer.

Step #13: Cut out the drawers. Follow the pattern lines and remove the drawer cavities.

Step #14: Sand the inside and outside of the drawers.

bandsaw box

Step #15: Glue the end pieces back on the drawers fallowing the marks you put on in step #11

Step #16: Glue on the rear panel of the main body. Sand panel flush with body.

Step #17: Design and cut out the drawer pulls. These can be done in a dark color to accent the drawer.

Step #18: Attach the handles

Step #19: Using the stain color of choice, stain and finish with 2 coats of lacquer sanding lightly in between.

Your Bandsaw Box Is Now Complete.