Although there some who would prefer finding sheds for sale, building a tool shed in the backyard can be a very nice woodworking project to take on. Like any project, you should take some time to plan your project. Some of the things to do before you begin construction:

  • Check out your local city regulations to make sure you don’t violate any regulations.
  • Decide the best location for your tool shed in your backyard.
  • Check to see that there are no services that would run under the shed.
  • Check around for different ideas of your tool shed and pick one that will fit and look great in your backyard.
  • Take the time to draw up a plan with measurements and good clear diagrams.

Begin The Process

To start out stake out the location of the tool shed. Once located and if you have chosen a cement floor, you will now set the concrete forms. Dig down about 8″ inside the forms and backfill about 4″ of gravel.

This will leave room for 4″ of concrete which now can be poured. Most people will bring in a read mix to do the floor. Let the cement cure before you start framing. Most people want to build 10×20 sheds however you can pick a size that is best for you.

The Framing Of The Walls

You will frame the walls on the cement pad and stand them up one at a time. When framing the walls, fallow your plan closely. The top and bottom plates should be cut to exact length required and marked 16″ on centre all the way along to locate wall studs at these points.

You will have to put in extra studs at door and window openings. There will be cripple (short pieces of 2×4 above and below window openings and above door opening) which fallow the 16″ on centre pattern.

Once the studs have been placed, you can now sheet the wall with plywood and squaring them up at the same time. Each of the 4 walls are done in the same manner. You can now stand the walls in place and nail them together. You may want to anchor the walls to the cement with a ram set.

Building The Roof Truss

Generally, this requires a little thought if this is your first time. There are some good sites on the internet that do a great job explaining how to build a roof truss. Once built you can now put them up.

The roof not being very large, you can mark the top wall plates off at 24″ on centre where each roof truss will be located. To get a bit of overhang on the front and rear of the building, add pieces of 2×4 about 16″ out pasted the front and back truss.

Add your face boards and you are ready to sheet the roof. You can now build your door from plywood and install any windows required.

The Exterior

The exterior can be done in various ways such as siding, stucco, or just paint it. Whatever you choose to perhaps match the house. The roof is the last and final step to your woodworking project. Usually, asphalt shingles are the material most commonly used.