Dog house building does an excellent project as well makes man’s best friend very happy. This dog house is designed for outside use, as it’s very durable and water-resistant. It’s a great place for them to camp out in the garden if you’ve nipped out for a bit.

If using pressure-treated wood, only use it for the floor framing as pressure-treated wood contains chemicals that are harmful to your pets.

Make sure you use untreated wood for the plywood floor as well as the walls and any other surfaces your dog will come in contact with.

The first thing is to determine the size of the house based on the full grown size of your dog.

A dog should have enough room to turn around, lie down and have room for a food and water bowls.

After determining the size of the house, build a floor frame from pressure treated 2 x 4 Nail them together at the end and install one 2 x 4 through the center of the frame.

Cut untreated 5/8″ plywood for the floor and nail directly to the floor frame

Dog House Building And Attach The Walls

Build side and rear wall frames of 2 x 4 including a center stud for added support. Cut the studs to length and nail them together.

Construct the front wall omitting the center stud to allow room for the door opening.

Measure each wall size and cut out 1/2″ plywood to nail to the side and end frames.

The door can be marked and cut out with a jig saw to allow the dog easy access into the house.

Locate each wall in their proper location on the floor and nail in place. Toenail each corner for added strength.

Building The Roof Frame

When dog house building, everything in the roof frame will be cut from 2 x 4

After determining the roof pitch, cut the roof struts (front and back gable end center pieces) to length.

Center the front and back struts on the top wall plate and nail into place. You can then cut the ridge board the length of the house plus the overhang on each end.

Nail the ridge board to the top of the struts placed on edge.

Cut out 6 rafters (3 on each side) to the required length. The ends of the rafters will be mitered to match the pitch of the roof.

Hold the rafter against the top corner of the outside wall and mark a notch to be cut out with a jig saw. This part of the rafter will sit on top of the outside walls.

After checking your rafter angles, place the rafters and nail them to the top of the wall and the side of the ridge board.

Cut 2 x 4 to fit between the rafter lower end to close off the soffit area.

Use 1/2″ plywood for the facia boards which will be nailed to the ends of the lower rafters.

Cut and install the overhang rafters by nailing them to the end of the ridge board and the side of the facia.

You can now measure and cut pieces of plywood for the roof and nail into place.

The gable ends are filled in by cutting triangular 1/2″ plywood for each end and nailing into place.

Shingle The Roof

It is now time to install shingles on the roof to weather proof.

The final touches can now be completed.