About Eric Benton

A few Words about me

I'm Eric Benton and i'm an expert woodworking enthusiast and Trainer, Educator & Master Craftsman. I had been born in 1957 in Claremont, California. Growing up I could learn the skill of woodworking with my grandfather, who trained me everything he understood. Together we created some really attractive furniture pieces. Probably the most beautiful projects still stay in the house, over 3 decades later.

I'm really happy to utilize wood each day for more than 33 years. I've been fortunate to think about woodworking my longlife business, meaning I'm still in a position to live from my woodworking understanding. Nowadays I'm building all kinds of woodworking furniture in my clients.

This site is some type of accessory for my lengthy listing of hobbys. I'm lucky to possess enough spare time within my old years and may manage to make use of this website as some type of a diary in my woodworking skills. Previously decades I've acquired such a lot of understanding in this subject and it might be unfortunate if it might be lost eventually. That`s why I made the decision to produce this site with the aid of my boy, who certainly knows a little more about this “internet” than I actually do.

I'm attempting to put just as much helpful content on this web site about woodworking when i can. I am hoping you, as my fellow woodworking friend, will gain lots of useful tipps & methods from my web page.

Also, for those who have any queries or concerns, don't hesitate to make contact with me. I'll do my favorite to reply to the questions you have as quickly as possible!

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